Kate Northrup
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We’ve been operating according to a system of time that wasn’t designed for us for too long.

It’s time to reclaim our time through reclaiming our bodies.

What if you could hold what matters in your life while feeling held at the same time?

What if you could break up with the grind...while your income and impact expand?

What if it helped you relax and connect to the most authentic expression of who you are and your work in the world?

What if you could achieve more by doing less?

Testosterone-dominant people have 24-hour cycles. Estrogen-dominant people have 28-day(ish) cycles.

The way we relate to time as a society was designed for a 24-hour cycle by people who have a 24-hour cycle.

(Hello, patriarchy.)

It’s time for a time management system that allows all people to activate their innate superpowers.
The Do Less Planner!

A planner system designed for ambitious people to light up the world without burning themselves out.

The Do Less Planner is self-dated, which means that you can start any time.

The best time to start sourcing your schedule from within is NOW!




There are over 70,000 results when you type planner into Amazon...but the Do Less Planner is the only one that considers the cyclical experience of energy that women go through every single month.

This brand-new planner is based on the concepts from the bestselling book Do Less by Kate Northrup, and it will:

  • Teach you how to optimize and schedule in alignment with your rest and growth cycles to get the most out of both

  • Help you heal from overworking so you can finally relax

  • Get your tasks organized with how you feel during the month so that you get a ton of traction without wasting energy

  • Help you simplify your life so that you’re doing less while achieving more

Yes, yes, yes! This week I have committed to using the daily planner each day after using the weekly tool to set me up on Saturday for my planning out of the week. What I love, love, love is how much more EXPANSIVE I feel about time...Mind BLOWN! This has shifted my thinking to feeling like I don’t have enough time in my day to a mindset that my time is opening up as I settle into my day. MAGIC!


The self-dated Do Less Planner includes:

  • 2 years of big-picture Yearly pages

  • 4 Seasonal Reflection + Planning spreads

  • 12 monthly spreads

  • 13 Moon Pages spreads (including Egg Wisdom reminders!)

  • 52 Weekly planning spreads that include the Weekly Renewable Planner, The Universe’s and Your To-Do Lists, Meals and Movement Planner, and Sacred Practices Tracker

  • 90 Daily Energy Trackers (supplementary Daily Energy Trackers are available)

  • Trends Tracker to get to know and love your own energy patterns

  • List Love to organize what matters most

  • PLUS a Self-Care Menu based on the lunar and menstrual phases, 6 Steps to Set Goals in Alignment with the Truth of Who You Are, and 7 Steps to Identify the 20% of Actions that Give You 80% of Your Results

Brand new!
The Do Less Planner System now includes:


As a mom of three and a business owner, I used to always feel like there was never enough time. Since starting the Weekly Planning Ritual and aligning my business and life with my cycle, now I always have plenty of time for ALL the things each week! Using the Weekly and Daily Renewable Planners has completely changed the way I do business and life and given me more time, energy, money, and joy!


With the Do Less Planner you’ll be able to:

  • Track your menstrual cycle and the lunar cycle for optimal productivity

  • Learn your own cycles so that you know exactly what to do when to get the best results

  • Get an incredible handle on your time so you get the important things done and reclaim time for what you truly want to be doing

  • Feel organized, calm, powerful, and serene

  • Get into your own flow with time and productivity so you have momentum on your side (instead of having to push all the time)

  • Feel confident in your priorities and how you’re choosing to invest your precious time

  • Get grounded in your biology, your soul, and your truest desires as guides to how you plan your time

The planner has completely changed how I function in the most beautiful way. Syncing everything together like that feels renewing and I am softer on myself. I feel more connected to myself and what I am working on. I feel like I am one with the universe, my body, and soul instead of at odds. Magical. I love the visual of the day calendar, it really gives me that thought of continuous time, and I look at the wheel whenever I need a reminder.


Wellness Specialist | www.jenwende.com

I am in love with the daily renewable planner pages! Seeing my day as a circle helps me stay true to the lunar energy throughout the day and book my workday tasks accordingly...creative work in the morning, social media/client-facing work in the afternoon, and finishing up projects/ongoing continuing ed. type work in the late afternoon. I make a point to stop trying to “produce” after 6:00 and take my rest-and-recharge time just as seriously as the rest! It’s an amazing accountability tool that also adds simplicity to my workday where a sense of overwhelm used to exist


Foundational Life Coach | www.heartcenteredyou.com 

Aligning my activities with my own cycle has tremendously changed my workflow. I’m now actually in the flow rather than fighting against the current. Since working the phases of my cycle, I’ve created more content, I’ve finally gotten my business off the ground, I’ve gained clients, and I’ve been able to do so without burning the candle at both ends. I feel abundant and aligned and so on purpose! It’s been a game-changer for the way I conduct business and also for overarching content themes.


Ayurvedic Wellbeing Coach | www.margaretljames.com

I’m a mom of 2 active young kids and a small business owner. Before the planner, I felt constantly overwhelmed and like time was scarce. The combination of my weekly planning ritual and aligning my business and family life more closely to my monthly cycle has been a game-changer for my mental, emotional, and physical health. The extra 10-15 minutes I spend weekly helps me feel more aligned and in flow with my own energy and boosts my overall productivity!


Founder of Lauren Gibbons Yoga | www.laurengibbonsyoga.com

I’ve loved following the cyclical planning for my life & work. It keeps my idea-filled mind more focused, helps in communicating more lovingly with my family, and helps me batch interviews and connect so I’m more effective. Also: My hubby & boys are in tune with where I’m at, and this helps improve our home harmony & empathy for each other. Thank you so much for these practices.


Health Coach | www.sheilabotelho.com

After I started planning around my energy and cycle, EVERYTHING shifted! Our marriage, my joy, our business, my business, and my health! By focusing on what I CAN COUNT ON - the moon and my cycle - I am able to plan better and live more fully and present!


Wellness Coach | www.bythepowerofshe.com 




I’m Kate Northrup, creator of the Do Less Planner System.

Before I became the bestselling author of Do Less: A Revolutionary Approach to Time and Energy Management for Ambitious Women, I had to come to a reckoning with my habits of/addiction to overworking.

I thought that getting more done and putting in more hours meant I was more valuable. I also thought that the only way to have the results and impact I wanted was to work harder.

My bumpy entry into motherhood and witnessing the miracle of having made a human (by far the most productive thing I’ve ever done) without having to think about it, will it to happen, or work harder acted as a startling wake-up call around so many things...most of all, my relationship with work.

Thrust into a completely new identity with significant limitations on my time and energy, I began to notice how habitual and even addictive my behavior was around work. How I would use it as a numbing strategy or a misguided attempt to soothe myself.

What was wild, though, was that in the end, I’d never worked less in my adult life than I did during that first year of motherhood, and yet our revenue remained steady. 

“How is it possible,” I thought, “that I could get the same results while working less than half the amount?”

From this question emerged the “Do Less Methodology” that now lives in our offerings like my book Do Less, the Do Less Planner, the Origin Collective®, and The Do Less Method for Business.

It’s an honor to share this new way of doing life and work with you, and I can’t wait for you to get your first taste of the Do Less way!