3 Ways Isolation and Overworking Are Destroying Your Business (and How to Fix It!)

Live Masterclass for Ambitious Entrepreneurs Who Want to Work Less

3 Ways Overworking and Going It Alone Are Destroying Your Business

(and How to Fix It!)
With Kate Northrup

How to Make More Money in Less Time Without Burning Out

(and Allow Your Community and the Universe to Support You as You Go)

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In this masterclass, you’ll learn:


How to know when you’re most productive & least productive during the day (and month) 

 When you unlock your peak productivity times, you can achieve massive results without overworking (like $10K months while on maternity leave, selling out your programs from releasing your white-kunckled grip, and getting your book finished in less time than you expected). You’ll also discover the biological and cosmic blueprint for creative flow operating behind the scenes, the science of yourself that fuels you forward and puts you into peak flow (and business bliss).  


How to reduce your workload by 80%

 Identifying the highest and best use of your time is a simple process that I’ll be teaching you during our time together. It’s a process that systematically minimizes and eliminates the time and energy sucks that keep you from profit, results, and the wide-reaching impact your brilliance deserves.


3 simple steps to effective delegation  

 This is a type of delegation process that won’t inconvenience the people around you. Also, your world won’t come crashing down. With this process, you’ll find that because you’re not holding everything by yourself, everyone in your life is happier and more successful, too!


How to identify the dreaded “Capable Womxn Syndrome”

It’s a syndrome that’s robbing you of your joy. It’s also keeping you exhausted and irritated. I’ll explain how you can get it handled, STAT. (You won’t find this critical information anywhere else because they* don’t want us to know about it. But I’m gonna tell you anyway!)

*The people, systems, and institutions that depend on the invisible labor of womxn and other marginalized people to profit off oppression. Essentially, anyone and anything benefiting from toxic capitalism.

The era of womxn doing it all while suffering silently is over.

You have important work to do, and you have a product or service that changes lives. 

But the conventional wisdom that says that the only way to make the kind of money and impact you want is to put in more hours, do more things, and sacrifice your own wellbeing at the altar of business success is simply inaccurate.

If you want sustainable abundance, you need to learn a new way to relate to your work and to your time. Join me to learn the latest data and  strategies to get into peak flow. It’s here, using these strategies, that you’ll  make your mark on the world while being well-paid and well-rested.

This Masterclass is a MUST for you if you can answer YES to at least one of the following…

  • You’re bringing in revenue, but it feels random, like you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall.

  • You don’t have a proven system to depend on for sustainable cash flow.

  • You always feel like you’re pushing through a project.

  • You’re exhausted.

  • You find yourself holding back from your business dreams because you don’t have another ounce of energy to devote to your business.

  • You don’t have enough hours in your day to get your task list done.

  • You feel guilty when you’re working and you feel guilty when you’re not working.

  • You’re in a double bind where you feel like you’re never doing the right thing and always letting everyone else (and yourself) down.

Any YES answers?

A love note from Kate…
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I come from a long line of overworking womxn, and I’m here to upgrade the lineage so that my daughters don’t think their worth is dependent on how much they get done in a day.

With two best-selling books plus a globally distributed planner system, a 7-figure company that serves tens of thousands of customers, two little kids, and a less-than-40-hour workweek, I’ve discovered how to hold a full life lightly and allow myself to be held in the process.

This brand-new, never-seen-before masterclass is bringing you the latest insights and strategies to revolutionize your relationship with time and work so that you can go from overworked and underpaid to peaceful and profitable.

If this is the year you’re ready to finally step off the treadmill, break up with busy, and run your business sustainably and abundantly so that you’re no longer sacrificing the wellbeing of the people you love (including yourself), I can’t wait to let you in on the secrets of doing less to achieve more so that you can find instant access to more ease, allowing, and flow. 

This is going to be so fun!

Xo, Kate